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Car Craft
December 1966 - 4 pages

"500 Inches of "Funny" Oldsmobile"
"Drag champions Lutz and Lundberg wanted something wild and way-out when they decided to go to the "funny car" route. The result was a resounding match racer that stands out from the crowd."

Motor Trend
February 1967

Olds swings a pair of keen Cutlasses
A 4-4-2 for cutting ET's and a Turnpike Cruiser for slashing fuel bills

MUST THE SENSIBLE always be dull? In most cases unfortunately yes. But Olds' new Turnpike Cruising Package..."It ain't necessarily so..."

Hi-Performance Cars - Sept. 1966

Hi-Performance Cars
September 1966 - 4+ pages

Hurst Plays the Numbers Game
"Two Toros in a Four-Four-Two make Hurst's Hairy Olds the odds-on winner..."
An excellent technical analysis of the Hurst Hairy Olds.

Hot Rod - May 1966

Hot Rod magazine
May 1966 - 3 pages

Almost Two Much
"Hurst's Hairy Oldsmobile -- a twin engine, four-wheel-drive exhibition 4-4-2 that's ready to spread fire and smoke on the nation's drag strips..."

Car Life - April 1967

Car Life
April 1967 - 6 pages

Turnpike Cruiser - Oldsmobile Designs a Long-legged
Strong-Willed Gas Miser

This is a VERY detailed report (with TONS of data) on the '67 Turnpike Cruiser option offered on all F-85 Supreme coupes, hardtop coupes and convertibles.

High Performance Cars magazine - April '67

Hi-Performance Cars
April 1967 - 8+ pages

"1,000 Miles in a 4-4-2"
"Lansing's sophisticated supercar for the youth-plus market boasts precise road manners, instant stopability, max muscle dig plus super-status. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it?"

Motorcade magazine  -  Oct-Nov 1966

Motorcade Magazine
October-November 1966 - 2 pages

"First Look at the '67s  ~  1967 Report - Olds F-85"
This 75-page  issue of Motorcade magazine was devoted almost exclusively to facts, specs and photos on all the new 1967s from the American manufacturers. Each model was given 2-4 pages. This issue featured 2 pages on the full-sized Olds models, 2 on the Toronado and two on the F-85;  the latter two are reprinted here.

Popular Mechanics - May '67

Popular Mechanics
May 1967 - 4 pages

"Olds Cutlass:
Performance Yes, Economy No!"

Cutlass owners fill out and return a PM questionnaire with their praise (and their gripes) about their new 1967 Cutlasses. They also report what powertrain features and options were ordered for their vehicles and rate the '67 Cutlass in many different areas.

Car & Driver - Dec. '66

Car and Driver
December 1966 - 4 pages

"The 4-4-2 is maybe the best thing that has happened to Detroit since they started building cars there..."

"The 1966 version of the 4-4-2 won our six-way "Super Car" test hands down, and the '67 is even better...[it's] the best-handling car of its type we've ever tested."

Road Test Magazine - June 1967

This June 1967 issue of Road Test Magazine features a 33-page review of nine 1967 American musclecars, including: Olds 442, Buick GS-400, Dodge R/T, Plymouth GTX, Ford GTA, Mercury Comet Cyclone, Rambler Rebel, Pontiac GTO and the Chevy SS-396. The cars are compared side-by-side in areas of acceleration, handling, braking, comfort, etc.

The entire article is presented here, along with most of the original article's photos. All graphics have been optimized to quickest download.   (Average page download time = 45-60 seconds)

Musclecar Magazine article

Musclecar magazine did a nice write-up in the not-so-distant past of the W-30 option for the '67 4-4-2. Approximately 500 1967's were ordered with this option, and remain the most sought-after of the collectible 4-4-2's.

(This article was donated by someone who had removed it from the original magazine, so I have no idea when it was published...but Musclecar magazine hasn't been around that long, so I do know it's fairly recent. If you can enlighten me as to publication date, please send an e-mail.)

High Performance Cars magazine review

High Performance Cars
October 1967 - 5 pages

"Super Cool Olds 4-4-2"

"Can a breath of fresh air put the 4-4-2 on the drag map? We street-and-strip test the Cold Air Induction Package"

Hot Rod Magazine - April 1967

Hot Rod Magazine
April 1967

"Four of a Kind"

This write-up spanned 5 pages of the April 1967 edition of Hot Rod Magazine, and featured a comparison of  "three 4-4-2's (a stick, automatic and an all-out B/Stocker) plus the 'engineer's special', which has since become known as the Turnpike Cruiser."
Excellent reading!

Motor Trend Oct '66 cover   Motor Trend article - page 1 

Motor Trend
October 1966

"Driving The Hot '67s"
Extensive preview issue included short reviews of the Olds 4-4-2 and Cutlass Supreme.

Click below to read the article
'Olds' hot cars for 1967'

Excerpted from:
Detroit`s Hot Cars for 1967
(Popular Hot-Rodding, November 1966)

Popular HotRodding - Nov. '66

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