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'OLDSmobility.com' is devoted specifically to one make and year of vintage American automobile: the 1967 Oldsmobile A-body...which includes the base-line F-85, the Cutlass, the Cutlass Supreme and the high-performance 442.


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The '67 Olds 442 History
Curious about how the '67 442 continued to be the flagship project for the Olds factory? Read on...

General Specifications
The following specs are listed here: Capacities, AC Generator and Regulator Specifications, General Chassis and Brake Specifications. Battery and Starter Specifications, Wheel Alignment, Fuses and Circuit Breakers, and Light Bulbs...

Tune-up Specifications
Doing a tune-up but can't find your manual with the proper settings? This page lists necessary tune-up settings such as spark plug type and gap, distributor point dwell and gap, ignition timing, cranking compression, intake valve timing, etc.

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NOTE: OLDSmobility.com is a site devoted specifically and solely to the '67 Oldsmobile Cutlass/442. There is very little content on this site dealing with other model years, though much may be applicable.

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Deciphering Your VIN
Doing a restoration and need the hidden information contained in your vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)? Follow along as we figure out what each of the digits in your number reveals...

Deciphering Your Cowl Tag
Your vehicle's cowl tag can reveal a lot of pertinent information regarding factory-installed options and features. We'll decode a sample cowl tag...

Torque Specifications
Correct torque settings are necessary for proper operation and long-term survival of your vehicle's drivetrain and powerplant. Here's a page listing torque settings for the front suspension and steering components and various engine components. Don't just guess, get it right!...

1967 Model Specifications
This is a complete listing of every F85-based model released by Oldsmobile in 1967, showing model photos, dimensions, standard factory options, and capacities...

Product Specifications
A very basic list of '67 F-85/Cutlass/442 specs, including Body/Style Numbers, Body Type and Seating, Factory Price, Shipping Weight, and Production Totals...

Engine ID and Specifications
Find out if the engine in your '67 is original. We'll show you where to find the engine's serial number and what it tells you about the powerplant...

RPO Option Codes and Info
This page contains all of the options and prices out of the Salesman's Pocket Guide, Revised March 1967. It lists the option code number and price and includes a brief description....a VERY valuable resource for anyone researching their factory vehicle build sheet or cowl tag codes, or if you're just curious to see what your Cutlass COULD have been outfitted with from the factory. Includes some pictures of select options...


Mitchell Manual Part Numbers Listings 
While I've been promising for some time to include a complete database of 1967 Olds A-body part numbers, I've decided that this would be an too much of an undertaking at the present time. So, I've done the next best thing: I've scanned each applicable page of the Mitchell Collision Estimator Manual and posted them here...

Wondering just what kind of transmission you have? We'll show you what transmissions were standard and which were options, and help you find and decode your transmission's serial number. Need to know things like gear ratios for both automatic and manual trannies? That info's here as well...

Technical Papers / How-To's 
Here we present a number of 'how-to's' for you. These papers include subjects like Fitting Wheels to your Car, Converting from Disc to Drum Brakes, Nineteen Chevy 12-Bolt Differential Tips (since the 12-bolt is a popular swap), and Diagnosing Overheating Problems plus several others, with more in the works...

Rearends / Differentials
Figuring out the specs on your vehicle's differential has been somewhat of a mystery in the past, but no more! We'll help you figure out just what style it is, whether it's a limited-slip or open unit, what the factory drive ratio was, and also show you just what other ratios and versions were available from the factory for other models...

Sheetmetal and Body Parts
Included on this page are diagrams and exploded-view diagrams of the sheetmetal and body components of your '67. I'm looking to include factory part numbers for all these parts in the future...please stand by.

Body Moldings and Attaching Parts
Included in this section are diagrams and exploded-view diagrams of the body trim components for your '67...with part numbers included. These are broken down into body types, each on it's own page...

Identifying Oldsmobile Super Stock wheels   
With all the different styles of Oldsmobile SSI, SSII and SSIII rims available, how do you tell them apart and which is correct for your application? Find out here...

Identifying A True '67 442   
Authenticating a 1967 Olds 442 is not easy easy as it is on later-year versions. Find out here just what to look for and make sure you're not actually getting a clever clone...

W-30 Information
We present an article written about the most effective high-performance option for '67s, the W-30 package. Only 502 W-30-equipped vehicles were produced in '67, and are now among some of the most sought-after classics in the world...

A-Body Paint Detailing
OK, you're in the process of restoring your classic. Finding out the original body color is easy...but what about the hood hinges, brake shields or gas tank straps? For someone just fixing up a daily driver or a diehard restoration enthusiast going for maximum points in the next car show, this page lists all those hard-to-find details... 

Owner's Registry
Interested in checking out the rides of other '67 Cutlass/442 owners? We currently have 71 listings from around the US (and the world). This page is fairly graphic intensive (duh!), so please be patient while it downloads...
Last Owner's Registry entry added: March 10, 2003

CLICK HERE to check out the 21st Quad States Olds Show (Sept. 2000) picture page...including pics of the ongoing restoration of the infamous Hurst Hairy Olds and the Lutz & Lundberg 442 Much Altered Wheelbase Funny car!

Restoration and Racing Links
OK, so you've decided that you need to replace those worn-out seatcovers. Or you're possibly interested in doing a little weekend bracket racing but need some good parts outlets. Maybe you just want to spend an evening checking out other Oldsmobile-related websites or finding an automotive-related chat room or Help desk. We've got you covered! We present for you a pretty complete directory of sites definitely worth checking out...

Looking for that last widget to complete your restoration can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Though not very busy at the moment, I've included a messageboard here, which can be used for this purpose or anything else Oldsmobile-related. This your chance to post messages to other '67 enthusiasts worldwide for help. Looking for some information on this website that isn't included yet? You can also use the messageboard for special requests...

Vintage Advertising
Here's a page that any '67 Cutlass/442 fan HAS to check out. We've got a pretty nice collection of classic Oldsmobile magazine advertisements for our favorite musclecar, straight from the pages of late '66 and early '67 publications...

Vintage Factory Literature
Here we present a collection of Oldsmobile brochures, pamphlets, postcards and technical manuals. Definitely worth a look! I'm always looking for additions to this page, so if you've got something not included here, please e-mail me.

Vintage Road Tests / Media Reports
Whether you're trying to prove a point to your bench-racing buddy or just curious about how the '67 was being received when it was introduced, original road tests and articles from such magazines as Hot Rod and High Performance Cars are always interesting to read. We've got the internet's most complete collection here for you, and are always on the hunt for additions... 
(Have an vintage article not found on this page? Well, you know the drill by now, right?)

Famous Oldsmobiles

Cutlass/442-related Collectibles
Are you the souvenir type? Do you collect '67 Olds-related merchandise? Here we present a collection of some of what might be in your collection...or at least SHOULD be...

Pages in Progress

This is a collection of pages that are in the Under Construction process. Since they're not complete yet, the only links to these pages are here. When I feel they've been completed enough to classify as an official addition, I will add them to the appropriate category.
Take a moment to browse the pages listed here and let me know if you can add anything.
This is just a very small page with some miscellaneous stuff I wanted to keep for personal reference. Boring...

My 1967 Ford F-100 pickup
This is what I'm fixing up to be my daily driver. Full frame-off, lots of pictures here. (Link takes you to my other automotive website 'FORDification.com'.)

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