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First Look at the '67s
1967 Report: Olds F-85

Reprinted from the Oct. - Nov. 1966
issue of Motorcade magazine
Vol. 4, No. 6

This 75-page  issue of Motorcade magazine was devoted almost exclusively to facts, specs and photos on all the new 1967s from the American manufacturers. Each model was given 2-4 pages. This issue featured 2 pages on the full-sized Olds models, 2 on the Toronado...and 2 on the F-85 and 4-4-2, which you see here.


   In Oldsmobile's low price market, they are producing the F-85 in three body styles, and the Cutlass in five including a new convertible. Because of its high degree of popularity in '66, the Cutlass Supreme, representing the top of Oldsmobiles's low-price line, also is built in five different body styles.

    Styling changes in the F-85 series cars include new front and rear appearance and new side mouldings and ornamentaton. The 4-4-2 is specifically identified in several areas, including new functional hood louvers. The 4-4-2, an option on the Cutlass Supreme two-door models, comprises a package including a 400 cubic-inch V-8 with four-barrel carburetor, and dual exhausts (  -4-2). The missing "first four" of 4-4-2 is the four-speed transmission, which is part of the package if you wish, or you may choose a three-speed Hydra-Matic. That might louse up  the 4-4-2 identification, but it certainly helps the popular F-85 series.

On the left is the very hot 4-4-2, an option available on the Cutlass Supreme series. It has tastefully done restyling, including functional hood louvres. Also new is availability of three-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission. Axle ratios range upward to 4.33:1. On the right is the Cutlass Supreme Holiday sedan. This line is now offered in five different models. They feature new front and rear appearances, side mouldings and ornamentation. Standard engine is 330. c.i. with four-barrel.

The Olds Cutlass convertible is available with either 250 c.i. Six or 330 V8. It can be ordered with special new yellow vinyl interior trim with matching top and exterior paint. This model should prove to be popular.

Oldsmobile's optional 4-4-2 axle for '67 is available with 3.42 and 3.91 differential ratios and has been designated the 'A Plus' axle. It is beefed up for increased torque loads.

Olds' three-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission replaces Jetaway for 4-4-2 option with automatic. This one has new valve body for higher RPM shifts with the 4-4-2.

Available on the 1967 Vista Cruisers, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass and F-85 models, this Rocket Rally Pac has tach, clock, ammeter, oil, temp gauges.

Optional console on F-85, Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme models has been restyled, made shorter. Shift lever has T-ball handle, is cable-operated with lock-out for low, reverse, park.

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