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2000 Quad States
Oldsmobile Show

September 22-23, 2000
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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The 21st Annual Quad States Show was held on September 22-23, 2000 at the Collins Plaza Hotel in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This particular show is sponsored by different Midwest Oldsmobile clubs each year, and this year the honors went to the Oldsmobile Club of Iowa . They did a fantastic job! Thanks guys (and gals)!

Although the weather wasn't exactly the best for a classic car show (it rained off and on and was pretty chilly the entire weekend!) I got a chance to feast my eyes on some of the finest examples of classic and late-model Oldsmobiles in the Midwest. There were in the neighborhood of 200 cars if I heard right, and came from as far away as Texas and Canada.

I was fortunate enough to have a car to enter into the exhibition...though it doesn't belong to me. The Road Gems Car Club of West Point, NE (of which I'm a member and current webmaster) allowed me to drive the club car to this event and enter it. The car? Well, it's a beautiful 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 convertible. This normally would have been a great road trip of about 350 miles, but convertibles never seem to be completely leak-free, and ours was no exception...and due to the almost constant light drizzle (and sometimes driving downpour), suffice it to say that we were a little damp by the time we arrived...At least now we know where we need to do some adjusting!

The highlight for me (and basically the main reason I attended this event) was to be there when Dennis Mothershed's Hurst Hairy Olds restoration project made it's public debut. Though Dennis had hoped to have more of the project done, he was gracious enough to make the trip anyway. Be sure to check out the in-progress shots below. Thanks Dennis...and good luck!

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Here is 3 of the 4 '67 Oldsmobiles in the stock class.

'67 442 convertible
Ron Holting - Fairfax, IA

'67 442

My neighbor, Mike Siedlik of Columbus, NE, brought this beautiful red hardtop to the show. His 442
is equipped with the W-30/4-spd options...and check out those Hurst forged aluminum wheels!

'67 442
Dennis DeLong - W. Des Moines, IA
455 ~  4-speed
'67 442
David DeLong ~ Columbia, MO

'67 Cutlass Supreme

Mike McGhee of Lockport, IL displayed this '67 Cutlass Supreme outfitted with the Turnpike Cruiser option. Other options include Climatic Combustion Control, PS, PB, sports console, anti-spin rear axle and power antenna.

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In-progress pictures of the ongoing restoration of the Hurst Hairy Olds
Dennis Mothershed ~ Des Moines, IA

View of the cockpit

The only original parts Dennis was able to locate for Hairy includes this aluminum hood (chopped up by other racers over the years) and the original aluminum bumpers. Dennis reports that since this hood is so butchered up, the finished car will likely sport a fiberglass version.

The rear engine

Here "Gentleman Joe" shows me the proper way run the dual throttles, one for each engine. The original Hurst Hairy Olds also had dual master cylinders, Hurst shifters and chutes, all of which might have been impossible for ME, but...

Driver "Gentleman Joe" Shubeck, Chief Mechanic Dale "Mr. Olds" Smith and Crewchief Bob "Animal" Lathrum have a discussion over something they haven't done in over 30 years...the FIRST Hurst Olds!

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with three icons in Oldsmobile racing scene...of COURSE I had to get a few of myself in the driver's seat!

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Lutz & Lundberg 442 Much Altered Wheelbase Funny Car
This vintage racecar is also currently ungoing restoration.
To learn more about this car, be sure to check out the Lutz & Lundberg page.

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