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1967 Oldsmobile
Factory Literature

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QuikFact: The Cutlass rolled off the line for the last time on July 22, 1999. More than 11.9 million models were built over the 38-year span including coupes, convertibles, hardtops, sedans and station wagons.

If you have access to any other pamphlets, brochures or related items for '67 Cutlass/442, please contact me.

These two items are a salesman's price, equipment, color and trim and specifications pamphlet and a Rocket-action power team pamphlet, both contained in a vinyl pocket case. The "specs" booklet contains about 30 pages. It covers the specifications on F-85, Cutlass, Vista Cruiser, 88's, 98's and Toronado and lists all options available for each model. Also included are recommended interior and exterior color combinations (no samples are included). This is an advance copy and does not include prices. The second booklet (shown below) is 12 pages and describes the engine, transmission and rear axle combinations available for each of the models for 1967. Both booklets measure 4" X 8" inches and fit into a vinyl pocket case.

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This 12-page brochure lists drivetrain options for the entire Oldsmobile line-up, from the F-85, Cutlass and 442 to the full-size Delta 88 and Toronado.


scans by Kurt Shubert

1967 Oldsmobile plus values


1967 Olds Full Line Features Sales Brochure.
This brochure measures 3 3/4" by 7 1/4" and opens up to 15" by 7 1/4". Lists standard equipment for all Olds models in the 1967 line, including Cutlass and Toronado


Pamphlet containing the color chips for '67 Oldsmobiles

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This is a 1967 Oldsmobile Dealership Salesman's Color & Fabrics Selector Album, used by customers to look at when choosing interior & exterior colors & materials. It has sections for all the '67 Olds models, including '88, '98, Toronado, F-85 & Cutlass. Each section includes fabric swatches available for each model. In the back is a separate removable overlay book for choosing body colors by viewing the cars with the overlays onto color panels. It also has convertible & vinyl top fabric swatches.

1967 Oldsmobile Chassis
Service Manual

Contributed by Andrew Coard.
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1967 GM Fisher Body
Service Manual

Covers GM's A, B, C,
D, E, F, X and Z bodies
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'67 Olds Protecto-Plate

Fisher Body Parts Illustrations for Oldsmobile

This is a original confidential Oldsmobile dealership accessories price list. This 8-page manual contains no illustrations, but lists the suggested list price and net dealer price of each item listed. It also lists Olds parts by description, part number and GM group number.

This manual has been
reproduced in HTML format....
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"The 1967 Oldsmobile Preliminary New Product Information Manual", 64 pages.
This manual introduces mechanical innovations new for 1967. This was a handout for the Oldsmobile mechanics, given out at training classes, to bring them up-to-date on new procedures for maintenance and repair on the new '67s.

Preliminary New Product Information manual
1967 Preliminary New Product Information manual
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1967 Olds Jetaway transmission manual
8 1/2" x 11" booklet, dated 1967 Oldsmobile Jetaway Transmission, Theory of Operation Mechanics Reference Manual No.408, Oldsmobile Knowledge through Training Service.
This is a manual handed out by the instructors of a class for these transmissions.
45 full page diagrams and pages for notes.



1967 Oldsmobile
full-line brochure

Everything you would like to know about the new 1967 Oldsmobile automobiles is in this brochure: Toronado, Ninety-eight, Delta 88 Custom, Delta 88, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass, Vista-Cruiser Station Wagon, Cutlass and F-85 Station Wagons. 46 pages full of pictures and information. Measures 10" x 13".
Contributed by Andrew Coard.

A (very worn) copy of the original 1967 Olds owner's manual
8.25" X 5.25", 56 pages

(I am in the process of scanning all the pages of this owner's manual and will offer them as a single zipped file for downloading. Check here soon!)

This Oldsmobile Trailer Towing manual covers trailer towing for all Oldsmobiles. It is a tri-fold and measures 11 x 8.5.

Oldsmobile's Rocket Circle Magazine

Back------Volume 12 - No. 3-----Front

These two items contributed by Andrew Coard, who adds this note: "Olds Rocket Circle was a magazine produced by Oldsmobile for their dealers and I guess (from looking at the addresses on them) for some selected customers. I don't see a lot of them so I would guess that not all customers would get them or they would be more plentiful now. They contained ads about new cars, tune-up suggestions, how to bake muffins, ski trips, Yellowstone Park trips, baseball info, etc. Basically it's just a cool little magazine with some stories about anything, mixed in with advertising. I believe the first issue was in 1956 (but I'm not sure, I'll  have to check) and continued up to the late '60's (I haven't seen any later than that.)"

1967 - Volume 12 - No. 1

1966 - Volume 11, No. 5
1967 New-Model Issue

8" x 9 1/8", 24-page, full-color illustrated
dealer-to-customer magazine. Contains exterior and interior pictures of  Toronado, 98, Delta 88, Delmont 88, Cutlass Supreme, F-85 and 442 models.

Cotner-Bevinton full line brochure



...and just for something different:
This is a 1967 Cotner-Bevington full line brochure.  ~  9x12 inches, 8 color pages showing all models including hearses, ambulances and combinations. The 7-passenger limousine is pictured also. The hightop ambulance is not in this brochure. (These vehicles were based on the Olds 98 chassis.)

I'm constantly on the hunt for additions for this page.
If you happen to ever run across something I've not presented here, please drop me a line.

1967 Oldsmobile Fleet Facts folder
22 pages
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Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18


Page 20

Page 21

Page 22


scans by Kurt Shubert

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