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1967 Oldsmobile
RPO Option Codes
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More will be added to this page in the near future. I've come across
additional option codes not listed here. Please check back soon.

The following table contains all of the options and prices
out of the Salesman's Pocket Guide, Revised March 1967.

RPO Price Description
Windows, Soft-Ray - Tinted - Includes A02
A02 $21.06 Soft-Ray Tinted Windshield.
A31 $100.05 Power side windows
A39 $6.32 Seat belts, deluxe front and rear
A41 $69.51 Seat adjuster, 4-Way Power - For bench seat. Town and Holiday Sedans, Sports Coupe with A52, Holiday Coupe and Convertible with A65
A46 $69.51 Seat adjuster, 4-way Power - For left-hand bucket seat. Cutlass Supreme coupes and Convertible
A52 Deduct
Seat, Bench Front - N.A. with D55. Sports Coupe only
A65 No chg. Seat, Custom Sport Front - N.A. with D55. Holiday Coupe and Convertible.
A68 $6.32 Seat belt, rear center
$7.90 Seat belt, deluxe rear center
A70 $31.60 Seat backrest - reclining Strato Bucket - For right-hand seat. A81 recommended.  Coupes and Convertible
A81 $42.13 Seat Head Restraints - Dual Front - For Strato Bucket Seats. Coupes and Convertible
A85 $23.17 Seat Shoulder Belts - Dual Front:To match standard seat belts
$26.33 Seat Shoulder Belts - Dual Front:To match deluxe seat belts
A91 $12.64 Power Trunk-lid Latch. Available on all F-85, Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme models, except Station Wagons.
A93 $44.73 Power Door Locks, 2-door models (98 and Toronado only)
$68.42 Power Door Locks, 4-door models
B30 $18.96 Wall-to-Wall Carpeting, F-85 only
B32 $6.77 Floor mats, Auxiliary Front
B33 $6.57 Floor mats, Auxiliary Rear
B34 $6.32 Floor covering, Heavy-Duty Front-Town and Holiday Sedans, Sports Coupe with A52 , Holiday Coupe and Convertible with A65
B36 $4.21 Floor covering, Heavy-Duty Rear-Town and Holiday Sedans, Sports Coupe
with A52 , Holiday Coupe and Convertible with A65
B50 $9.48 Foam-Padded Front Seat Cushion, F-85 only
B52 $10.53 Foam Padded Rear Seat Cushion, F-85 only
B80 $12.64 Chrome Roof Drip Moldings. Available on Delmont 88 Holiday Coupe and Town Sedan, Standard Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Town Sedan and Station Wagon, and on all F-85s. Included with Vinyl rooftop covering (C08) on Delmont 88 Holiday Coupe and Town Sedan, and F-85 Town Sedan and Club Coupe.
B85 $18.43 Chrome Side Window Sill Moldings. Available only with Roof Drip Moldings (B80)
B90 $21.06 Chrome Side Window Frame Moldings. Available on Delmont 88 Town Sedan, Standard Vista Cruiser and all F-85 models.
B93 $4.74 Chrome Door-Edge Guard Moldings. Available on all Oldsmobile models.
C08 $84.26 Vinyl rooftop covering, available on all coupes and sedans.  It included chrome moldings on many models, and was offered in either Champagne or Black.
C48 Deduct $71.50 Heater and Air-Conditioning delete option
C50 $21.06 Rear Window Defogger, except convertible
C60 $343.20 Air Conditioning, Four-Season - IncludesY76. Heater required.
D33 $9.48 Mirror, Remote-Control Outside Rearview
D55 $54 Sports Console. Standard in Delta 88 Custom Holiday Coupe and available in Cutlass Supreme models with Strato Bucket seats. Features lockable map compartment, bright-finish shift control area, and courtesy lamps with M33, M34 or M40. Bucket seats and floor shift transmission (M14, M20, M21, M33, M34 or M40) required.
(Note: Another source I have lists this option at $57.93)

Manual 4-spd version-----------Automatic version

D99 $31.07 Two-Tone Magic-Mirror Finish, available in fifteen colors, with one color on the roof and the other below the belt line. Available on all models except Toronados and convertibles.
F35 $12.53 Frame, Heavy-Duty Guard-Beam - N.A. in Holiday Sedan, Std. in Convertible
G51 $3.69 Springs, Heavy Duty - N.A with L66 or L78
G66 $39.50 Shock absorbers - Superlift Rear - N.A with L66 or L78

For more information on the following Rear Axle Ratio options and availability on specific models, please refer to the Rear Differentials page. Rear axle ratios with NO price were standard for certain models and not available at any price.

G80 $42.13 Anti-Spin Rear Axle.
G88 $21.06 3.91-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Available in Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8 models. Not available on models equipped with Air Conditioning (C60). Heavy-Duty Rear Axle Package including heavy-duty shafts, bearings and differential gears, available at extra cost.
G90   3.08-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Standard on Cutlass Supreme with automatic transmission (except 4-4-2) and Cutlass/F-85 models w/L73 or L74.
G91   3.23-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Standard on Cutlass Supreme L-6 and V-8 models, and L74- & L73-equipped Cutlass and F-85.
G92 $21.06 3.42-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Available in Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8 models. Heavy-Duty Rear Axle Package including heavy-duty shafts, bearings and differential gears, available at extra cost.
G93   3.55-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Required with M21 Close-Ratio 4-speed, when also equipped with Air Conditioning (C60) or Heavy-Duty Cooling Equipment (Y76).
G94   3.90-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Available in Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8 models. Not available on models equipped with Air Conditioning (C60).
G95   2.78-to-1 Rear Axle Ratio. Standard on Cutlass and F-85 models with Action-Line 6 (L-6).
J50 $41.60 Brakes, Pedal-Ease Power - N.A. with J-52
J52 $104.79 Brakes, Power with Front Disc
J56 $25.80 Brakes, Police Option Only, HD Sintered Metallic, available on all models.
K30 $44 Automatic Cruise Control. A vacuum-powered system available for Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass and F-85 models with V-8, automatic transmission and power brakes. It's control is a pushbutton in the turn signal lever knob. When desired speed is indicated on speedometer, driver pushes button. Thereafter, vacuum power maintains selected speed. Pushbutton has detent position halfway in, which permits acceleration to moderate cruising speed (about 50 mph) with foot off accelerator. (J50 or J52 and M33, M34 or M40 required.)
K50   $33.70 Climatic Combustion Control
Air-Induction System.

The system uses exhaust heat to warm incoming fuel-air.
Available on all V-8s.
Included in Turnpike Cruising Package (L66).


K66 $100 UHV (Ultra High Voltage) Transistorized Ignition System.
A magnetic pulse capacitor, coil amplifier and rectifier replace the conventional distributor  and condenser. Recommended for high-mileage and sustained high-performance usage. Available for all 400- and 425-cubic-inch engines.
L66 $142.18 Turnpike Cruising Package. Included the following:

Oldsmobile marketed this worthwhile option as "a magnificent blend of long-range driving economy, reliability and power-in-reserve for driving on superhighways".

  • 400-cubic-inch 300-hp Rocket V-8 with 2-barrel carburetor
  • Climatic Cumbustion Control Engine Air-Induction System
  • 7.75 x 14" White-Line Nylon Cord tires
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Heavy-duty Front and Rear Shock Absorbers and Front Stabilizer Shaft
  • Heavy-duty Front and Rear Springs
  • Heavy-Duty Rear Suspension and Stabilizer Shaft
  • Special Propeller Shaft, Front Motor Mounts and Battery
  • Dual Exhausts
  • Special Turnpike Axle Ratio (2.41:1)
  • High Capacity Radiator

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price  --   $142.18
When Turnpike Cruising Package (L66) was ordered, Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission (M40) also had to be ordered. This additional cost item was not included in the price of Option L66. Available on the Cutlass Supreme Sports Coupe, Holiday Coupe and Convertible.

L73 $33.70 310-hp Jetfire Rocket V-8 (330 cu. in.)
Available in Cutlass Supreme at no extra cost, and in Vista Cruiser, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8.
  • Regular fuel
  • 310-hp @ 5200 rpm
  • 340 ft./lbs. torque at 3600 rpm
  • 9:1 Compression Ratio
  • Quadrajet Carburetor
  • Single exhaust
L74 $33.70 320-hp Jetfire Rocket V-8 H.C. (330 cu. in.) Standard in Cutlass Supreme.
Available in Delmont 88 "330", Vista Cruiser, Cutlass V-8 and F-85 V-8.
  • Premium fuel
  • 320-hp at 5200 rpm
  • 360 ft./lbs. torque at 3600 rpm
  • 10.25 Compression Ratio
  • Quadrajet Carburetor
  • Single Exhaust
L78 $184.31 4-4-2 Performance Package.
Available in Sports (pillar) Coupe, Holiday (hardtop) Coupe, and Convertible. Included the following:
  • Louvered hood
  • Special grille
  • Pencil Paint striping
  • 4-4-2 emblems
  • Wide Tread Red-Line F70 x 14" nylon-cord tires
  • 400-cubic-inch 350-hp V-8 with 4-barrel Quadrajet carburetor, big manifolds and valves, oversize dual exhausts.
  • Transmission -  Heavy Duty 3-Speed Manual (M14), Wide Ratio 4-Speed Manual (M20), Close (Special) Ratio 4-speed manual (M21), or Turbo Hydra-Matic (M40)
  • Heavy-duty front motor mounts
  • Heavy-duty driveshaft
  • Heavy-duty extra-wide rims
  • Extra-thick radiator
  • 70-amp battery
  • Fully-synchronized heavy-duty 3-speed manual transmission and heavy-duty 11-inch clutch.(Options included 4-speed manual transmission, Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission and heavy-duty rear axle.
  • Heavy-duty front and rear springs
  • Heavy-duty shock absorbers and stabilizer bars
M01 $5.27 Clutch, Heavy-Duty - Included in L78. Except with L73
M14 $84 3-Speed Manual transmission, Heavy Duty - Fully Synchronized, column shift is standard, floor shift is available on V-8 models.Gear ratios:
  • First: 2.42-to-1
  • Second: 1.61-to-1
  • Third: 1.00-to-1
  • Reverse: 2.33-to-1
M20 $184.31 4-Speed Manual - Wide (Regular) Ratio - Fully Synchronized, Hurst floor shift. Gear Ratios:
  • First: 2.52-to-1
  • Second: 1.88-to-1
  • Third: 1.46-to-1
  • Fourth: 1.00-to-1
  • Reverse: 2.60-to-1
M21 $184.31 4-Speed Manual - Close (Special) Ratio - Fully Synchronized, Hurst floor shift. Gear Ratios:
  • First: 2.20-to-1
  • Second: 1.64-to-1
  • Third: 1.28-to-1
  • Fourth: 1.00-to-1
  • Reverse: 2.27-to-1
M31 $184.31 Jetaway 2-speed automatic transmission, Fixed Stator with Action-Line 6 engine
M33 $205.37 Jetaway 2-speed automatic transmission, regular duty, Variable-Vane - Except with L66 or L78
M34 $215.91 Jetaway 2-speed automatic transmission, heavy duty, available with V-8 models except with L66 or L78. Includes Y73.
M40 $236.94 Turbo Hydra-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission, regular duty. To be ordered with Turnpike Cruising option (L66). (Another source lists this for $238.97) Gear ratios:
  • First: 2.48-to-1
  • Second: 1.48-to-1
  • Third: 1.00-to-1
  • Reverse: 2.08-to-1
M41 $252.77 Turbo Hydra-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission, Police Option, heavy duty.
(See Option M40 for gear ratios.) Required in Delmont 88 "425" and Delta with B01 or B07 (Police Options)
N10 $30.23 Exhaust system, dual, included in L66 and L78
N30 $13.17 Deluxe Steering Wheel. Option for F-85, standard on Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme models.
N33 $42.13 Steering, Tilt-Away - M14, M20, M21, M33 or M40 required
N38 $6.32 Heavy-duty Steering, manual
N40 $94.79 Steering, Roto-Matic Power
N63 No charge White-Line Tires, 7.75 x 14" nylon-cord. With 4-4-2 Performance Package (L78) only.
N95 $69.51 Simulated-Wire Wheels.
For all models except Toronado and Ninety-Eight.


P01 $16.85 Wheel Discs
(hubcaps) 14",
available for Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass, F-85. Standard on Ninety-Eight and 88s.

P02 $46.34 Wheel Discs
(hubcaps) 14",
all models except Toronado

P03 $46.34 Wheel Discs (hubcaps) 15", Toronado, ($27.91 on Toro deluxe)

P05 $88.47 Super Stock Wheels with chrome trim rings, wheel nuts and five pointed spiders (or "spokes"). Available on Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass and F-85 V-8s except Station Wagons.

P26 $31.60 Tires, 7.75 x 14" Whitewall - N.A. w/L66 or L78
PR5 $47.39 Tires, 95RI4" Radial-Ply Whitewall - with L66 (Cutlass Supreme)
T87 $36.86 Cornering Lights (full-size only, not available on Cutlass series)
U15 $10.53 Safety Sentinel.
Driver set indicator at any speedometer marking. Warning buzzer and light alert driver when preset speed is reached. Available in all models except Toronado.
N.A. with U21
U21   $84.26

Rdash.gif (16552 bytes)ocket Rally Pac. (also known as the "tic-toc tach") Instrument cluster housed in large round carrier at right of steering column, included large-dial tachometer, self-regulating electric clock, and ammeter, oil-pressure and engine temperature gauges. Available in Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8, and F-85.

U22   Safety Sentinel Combined with Rocket Rally Pac.
Available in Vista Cruiser, Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass V-8s and F-85 V-8s.
(Note: This option is described as "N/A with U21 Safety Sentinal" (above), and is not listed in the Salesman's pocket guide, yet is referred to in "1961-1969 Cutlass F-85 4-4-2 - A Book of Information" as a valid option.
U28   Ash Tray Lamp
U29 $4.42 Instrument Panel Courtesy Lamps, 2 dr - Standard in convertibles and in Cutlass Supreme Coupes with Sports Console (D55), and manual transmissions.
$8.43 Instrument Panel Courtesy Lamps, 4 dr
U35 $15.80 Electric Clock. N.A. w/U21
U57 $128.49 w/o U58, Stereo Tape Player, includes rear speaker (full-size only)
$111.64 w/U58, Stereo Tape Player, includes rear speaker (full-size only)
U58 $238 Stereophonic AM-FM radio.

Customer indicated
which radio
was desired

U59 $173.78 Signal-Seeking AM-FM Radio (Full-size only, N/A for F85/Cutlass
U63 $64.25 Deluxe Pushbutton Radio
U69 $133 AM-FM Radio
U71 $29.12 Power Radio Antenna, front mounted for Toronado
U75 $29.12 Power Radio Antenna, rear mounted for all models except Toronado
U80 $16.85 Bi-phonic Rear Radio Speaker, to be used either alone or with front-seat speaker. Available in all models except Cutlass Supreme and Cutlass Convertibles. (Cutlass models had this mounted in the rear shelf area.)

U89 $10.53 Wiring harness, trailer electrical
W30 $263 Induction System
Y60 $6.32 Convenience Lamps and Mirrors Package.
Includes Glove Compartment Lamp, Underhood Lamp, Trunk Lamp and Visor Vanity Mirror.
Y67 $19.75 Deluxe Interior Equipment
Y68 $31.60 Body Side and Wheel-Opening Moldings.
Available on Standard Vista Cruiser and F-85 models.
Y70 $10.53 G.T. Stripe Paint Option.
Toronado, a thin, smart pencil stripe at the belt line. Available in 10 colors. Included in 4-4-2 package (L78)
Y73 $5.27 Transmission control, Heavy-Duty Automatic -
For trailer towing with M33 or M40. Included in M34
Y75 $225.38 Police Option only, Tires and Heavy-duty wheels, 8.45 x 15". Only available with J56 (in full-size)
Y76 $32.65 Heavy-Duty Cooling Equipment -
Includes heavy-duty radiator and water pump, Thermo-Cool engine fan and Delcotron. Included in C60
  • Convenience and Enjoyment Package (Group 1)
    Includes Convenience Package (Y60) plus Deluxe Steering Wheel, Chrome Door-Edge Moldings and Radio
  • Combined Package (Group 2)
    Includes Convenience Package (Y60), plus the accessories in Group 1, plus Instrument Panel Courtesy lamps, Power Trunk-lid latch and Electric Clock.

A special thanks to Andrew Coard and Terje Larsen for helping with some of these.


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