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The 1967 442 History


Model year sales for '67 were 548,390 cars. On a calendar year basis, 558,762 transactions involving new Oldsmobiles were registered. Olds became America's sixth-ranked automobile manufacturer this year.


If you're wondering how Oldsmobile could have a copy of the Pontiac GTO in their showrooms within six months after the GTO intro, there was a special trick.  Essentially, what they did was to take their '64 Cutlass police pursuit package - which was already in the catalog with a heavy duty chassis and 4-barrel 330 V8 engine - and then they merely upgraded it with some tack-on body emblems, a Muncie 4-speed transmission, dual exhaust and a special dual-snorkel air cleaner to help the breathing.   There was practically no new tooling needed.  It was just a matter of putting together hardware that was already on the shelves.

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The 1967 Oldsmobile F-85 continued to be the base series for the F-85 group, but Olds intermediate buyers were ordering more luxury with their cars and Cutlass models became more popular. This year just three basic F-85's were offered with either the L-head six-cylinder or a Rocket V-8 for power. Standard equipment for this series included: vinyl floor covering; seat belts; electric windshield wipers; heater/defroster and backup lights. Standard tire size was 7.75 x 14 inches. Interiors could be ordered in either cloth or vinyl.

The fancier version of the F-85, the Cutlass, had now attained series status of its own and began a climb that would take it to the most popular nameplate for a U.S.-built car. Either 6-cylinder or V-8 could be had in any of 5 Cutlass models. Upholstery was in either cloth or vinyl. Standard equipment on the Cutlass models included: carpeting; courtesy lamps; chrome molding package; foam seat cushions and DeLuxe steering wheel. Standard tire size was 7.75 x 15 inches.

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Another new series for Olds this year came with the Cutlass Supreme, introduced as just a single model the previous year. The Supreme was the only series in which the popular 442 option and high-mileage Turnpike Cruiser option could be ordered. Five models were offered in this top-of-the-line, F-85 based range. Standard equipment consisted of: DeLuxe arm rests; carpeting; courtesy lamp package; special molding group; foam seats and DeLuxe steering wheel. Upholstery was done either in vinyl or cloth. Standard tire size was 7.75 x 14 inches. In appearance, the 1967 version looked similar to the 1966. The bumpers, grille, and headlight-taillight arrangements were changed, though, and the 442 emblems were moved from the rear quarter panels to the front fenders.

Production of the 442 was up slightly in 1967 to 24,829 (topped by 16,996 hardtops). Five different bodystyles would be equipped with the 442 option this model year. Not surprisingly, almost two-thirds of the buyers selected the four-speed transmission. There was also the W-30 higher-performance version of the 442 (only 502 produced) which included a cold air induction package and hotter cam. The 1967 forced-air version was similar to the 1966 version, but the scoops were moved around the top and bottom of the front turn-park lights. That is, the scoops were wrapped around the lights and gave the impression of a small scoop above and below the front turn lights. (For more information about the W-30 option, go to the W-30 page.)

During this year, the 442 W-30 got the now-famous red plastic fenderwells -- the first time Oldsmobile would use them. It wouldn't be the last time they would be used, however. All the W-30s from 1967 to 1971 sported the red fenderwells. They were discontinued on the W-30 option after 1971.

This is a highly unusual and very rare piece. Itís a 1967 Cutlass 4-4-2, one of four modified by Hurst to sell Oldsmobile on the Hurst/Olds concept, and powered by the four-barrel Toronado engine. This gem belongs to Douglas Alsip of Cincinnati.

The 442 for 1967 was beginning to gain a distinctive look with a unique grill embedded with a 442 emblem. The characteristic '66 fender scoops were gone for this year, but the model did sport pinstriping on the doors and fenders. The look was set off with red-line tires.

The tri-carb setup was officially gone for 1967, but the 440-ft/lb. of torque and 350 horsepower four-barrel engine remained in place. The powerhouse mill was still perking at a 10.5 compression ratio with hydraulic valve lifters.

Also, powertrain upgrades allowed the awesome engine to operate at much greater efficiency. A special Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission, a stronger twelve-bolt rear end and F70x14 wide ovals made the 1967 442 a street performer of the first order. The automatic outsold the four-speed for the first time (13,528 to 11,381).

The 442 was also starting to turn heads on the national drag strips in 1967, and set a B/Pure Stock national record.

Even though the 442 was working on achieving a muscle image, an interesting economy option was offered in 1967. The Turnpike Cruiser option (L-65), used a two-barrel carb, a conservative transmission, and an altered rear-end gear ratio. The popular option provided greater economy with just a minor decrease in power. Horsepower was down sixty ponies, with only a 15ft-lb drop in torque. It was a nice combination of performance and economy. As with the tri-carb setup in 1966, the 442 name stayed the same even though it should have changed to 242 to be totally correct. In its February 1967 issue, Motor Trend rated the economy version above the standard four-barrel model. (For more information about the Turnpike Cruiser option package, see the Options page for a listing of the features package or visit the Media Reports section for vintage road tests.)


  • There were 1,807 '67 442 convertibles w/ automatics made.


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