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announcing the arrival of
Trevor Ryan Dickson
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Trevor Ryan Dickson
was born at 4:03 AM on Friday morning, August 9, 2002
to Keith Dickson and Mary Boston

-  6 lbs. 14 oz.  -  20" long  -
Head - 13.25"
Chest - 13"

Blond hair (for now, anyway --  will either get Mom's red hair or Dad's brown hair)
Blue eyes


Trevor is less than an hour old here.
Though it appears he's crying, he's not...
he's just flapping his mouth.

The presiding nurse asked me to help her by jotting down Trevor's measurements while she held the tape. I couldn't find any paper, so....

The FIRST family portrait

Mary's official due date was August 1. When she was a week overdue with no signs of progress being made, an appointment was made at the hospital to induce labor. Here is a brief synopsis of the three-day ordeal needed to help introduce Trevor to the outside:

Wednesday, Aug. 7  -  9PM Arrival at the hospital for labor induction
Wednesday, Aug. 7  -  10PM Cytotec induction begun. The plan was to let Mary sleep through the night, and to begin active proceedings first thing in the morning.
Thursday, Aug. 8  -  8AM Pitocen drip begun, since Cytotec-induced contractions were not sufficient enough to help Mary dilate.
Thursday, Aug. 8  -  4:30PM Pitocen drip turned off to allow Mary to rest. The forced contractions were not helping Mary to dilate, and were simply wearing her out.
The plan now was to allow Mary to rest for several hours, regaining strength. The doctors would then begin the Cytotec induction one more time, beginning at 10PM. However, after several hours, Mary began to have contractions on her own, though she still hadn't started to dilate. The decision was therefore made to roll with the flow and see where it took us. By late evening her contractions had become fairly regular, and the pain levels were increasing.
Thursday, Aug. 8  -  10PM Dilation was 2CM at 10PM. Mary's water was manually broken, and she immediately dilated to 4CM.
Thursday, Aug. 8  -  Midnight Epidural begun
Friday, Aug. 9  -  2:13AM Mary was declared completely dilated and ready to push.
Friday, Aug. 9  -  2:30AM Mary began pushing with her contractions.
Friday, Aug. 9  -  4:03AM SUCCESS! Trevor Ryan is introduced to his parents.

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Coming home from the hospital
Pictures taken and posted here August 10, 2002

Warning to those with dialup connections: the linked images are fairly large in
physical dimensions, but have been optimized for fastest downloads.

A nice family shot, taken several hours before coming home. (Linked image is 1024x768)

Mary wanted a shot of the roses I sent. Beneath that is a shot of Trevor (taken with the digital camera), printed out and mounted into a frame, by the time Trevor was less than a day old.

The birthing room was very nice, and filled up quickly with flowers and gifts from family and friends. Pictured here: Mary (seated), her sister Lori and brother Mark (hidden).

Nurse/Mommy Mary helps her co-workers in taking the official baby picture for hospital records and for forwarding to local newspapers and radio for announcement purposes.

Mommy straps Trevor in his
car seat for the ride home...

...and loads him up in the truck.

We stopped by Mary's parents on the
way home, and immediately were
visited by family and friends.
Mary, Trevor and I

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