As an interested person currently rebuilding a '67 Olds 442, I began the project of transcribing the entire contents of the '64-'72 Canadian Oldsmobile F85 Master Parts Catalog on December 15, 2010 as a way of helping out my fellow Oldsmobile Cutlass/442 enthusiasts. Trying to find the correct factory part number for a specific part on your project hasn't been easy for the average person, especially due to the fairly limited availability of the complete master parts catalogs. There are some Final Issue catalogs which are dated 1975 (or later) and aren't too hard to find, but these versions don't include a lot of parts for earlier cars, and many parts which had been superseded or deleted at the time of printing aren't even included. What we needed was an MPC with an earlier print date to ensure complete coverage of the F-85/Cutlass/442 bodystyle.

I began the search for a U.S. version of the MPC with an early '70s print date for some time without success, though as I understand it, this type of bodystyle-specific print manual wasn't even available in the U.S., so I decided to acquire this Canadian version. There shouldn't be a lot of differences between the Canadian and U.S. versions, so this online version of the Canadian F-85 MPC should aid you in finding the correct part a majority of the time.

The MPC pages used to transcribed here were actually photocopies of the originals, and as such many of the illustrations aren't the most detailed or might have an overall 'muddy' appearance. However, they should still serve the purpose of identifying a part, since this MPC isn't designed to be a replacement for the factory Assembly Manual anyway.

You might notice in the Illustrations Index that there appear to be skipped images in the numerical sequence. Don't worry...all images included with the MPC have been (or will be) included here as well. The text portions (group listings) of some images continued over to the following illustration page, so there are no images to show for that page.

If you happen to notice any typos or other mistakes, please feel free to contact me and I'll get the item(s) corrected as quickly as possible.






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