Oldsmobile Engine Tune-up Specifications


Oldsmobile Engine Tune-up Specifications

General adoption of anti-pollution laws has changed the design of almost all car engine production to effectively reduce crankcase emission and terminal exhaust products. It has been necessary to adopt stricter tune-up rules, especially timing and idle speed procedures. Both of these values are peculiar to the engine and to its application, rather than to the engine alone. With this in mind, car manufacturers supply idle speed data for the engine and application involved. This information is clearly displayed in the engine compartment of each vehicle.

All valve tappet clearances (hot), intake and exhaust: Zero
M.T. - manual transmission
A.T. - automatic transmission
B - Before top dead center
TDC - top dead center
(A) With vacuum advance disconnected. Note: These settings are only approximate. Engine design, altitude, temperature, fuel octane rating and the condition of the individual engine are all factors which can influence timing. The limiting advance factor must, therefore, be the "knock point" of the individual engine.
(B) With manual transmission in N and automatic in D. If equipped with air conditioning, add 50 RPM

(1) Vista Cruiser - 21B
(2) Auto. transmission - 21B
(3) If equipped with exhaust emission control: 5 1/2 - 7
(4) 550 if equipped with automatic transmission
(5) Std. transmission - 2B

Image Image
NOTE: This graphic shows the correct firing order, but the position
of the plug wires on the cap vary. Please note the position of the wires
on your car before removal.
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