Oldsmobile 2.5 Litre V5 Diesel

Yes..I did in fact say V5

Oldsmobile 2.5 Litre V5 Diesel

This is a picture of the experimental V5 Diesel Engine..made by Oldsmobile in 1983. It produced 70HP @ 4000RPM and 111Ft. Lbs @ 2400 RPM. If you look at it, the injection pump is where the "missing" cylinder is. This is all I know about this engine currently, but I will find out more about it over time. It appears to have the same injectors as the 4.3 V6 and 5.7 V8 diesel. I'm sure the opening pressures are different though. Notice the head bolt pattern, appears like the 4.3 V6, except ALL of the bolts are the same size. The engine has glow plugs and I'm sure that the combustion chamber, prechamber, and piston designs are all "Olds Diesel Technology". Obviously bound for front wheel drive cars, starting in 1986? Anyone who knows anything more about this engine, feel free to email me with the details!

This engine is currently on display at the RE Olds Transportation Museum located in Lansing, Michigan.



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