When you can buy a hundred-dollar coat for fifteen

When you can buy a hundred-dollar coat for fifteen

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The Signs Of A Genuine Home Business Opportunity The Signs Of A Genuine Home Business Opportunity March 30 Sebastian Rudy Bayern Munich Jersey , 2013 | Author: Russell Howe | Posted in Internet Business Online
The online business world is approaching saturation these days with new opportunities popping up by the day. But while many people are attracted to the potential riches of programs like Empower Network one question burns deeper than any others. Is it actually possible to make an income from home, or is everything online just a quick scam?

The main problem with online business is that the industry has given itself an absolutely terrible reputation. There is so much misleading information out there that regular people often believe it to be impossible to get anywhere. [ See how Russ Howe became established in empower network here.


There is a way to tell if the business you are looking at is genuine or just a fly-by-night scheme. The following checklist will help you to do this:

1) The business should be approved by the Federal Trade Commission.

2) Usually a quality home business is a member of the DSA, too.

3) Look for the Better Internet Bureau logo on the company website. If they have been approved it means the BiB have taken a look at their payment method and safety.

4) The products of a business will tell you a lot about it’s legitimacy.

Number 4 is a very important tip. Many people are sucked into opportunities by the sheer excitement and promise of an easy life, with money generating on autopilot. Ask anyone who has become their own boss and you’ll be told it is nothing like that.

Before you join any home based business take a look at the products and you will be able to judge how likely it is you could generate the large income claims in the affiliate plan the company offers.

The first sign of a bad home business program is a company who provides a fairly useless or overpriced product purely as a means to keep their business legal.

You can’t sell a product which is useless. It doesn’t matter if you can possibly earn a five thousand dollar monthly income with less than a hundred people in your business if you can not even find one member, right?

The truth is you can make money online. We have done so for five years now using quality home businesses such as Empower Network and Global Domains International. But for every genuine home business out there you will also find a few terrible ones. Take your time before making any important decisions which could alter your financial future.

More Info: Russ Howe is now a world leading Empower Network affiliate. You can read his comprehensive and honest empower network review in today’s interview, which covers the aspects of the home based business industry which prevent most affiliates from succeeding.

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