Hamels vs Martinez_0

Hamels vs Martinez_0

Hamels vs Martinez_0

Postby angiegraham116 » Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:55 am

Primum non nocere the Latin phrase meaning First, don' harm. That sentiment is drilled into physicians from the beginning of medical school, but perhaps it ought to be emblazoned on every dugout wall in baseball too. In the ALCS, we saw two managers over-analyze situations, causing Roberto Luongo Jersey harm to their very own team again and again, and now it appears that Charlie Manuel might be on the verge of following in their footsteps.
Manuel will send Cliff Lee to the hill on Wednesday for Game Among the series, as he should. However, he has not been prepared to disclose the rest of his playoff rotation, and reports are surfacing that he might Guy Lafleur Jersey have to go with Pedro Martinez in the second game in lieu of Cole Hamels. The rationale appears to be according to recent performance Hamels has struggled within the first couple of rounds of the playoffs, while Martinez was able to hold on the Dodgers in his NLCS appearance.
However, sooner or later, you have to take a step back and realize that recent performance just can't overcome what we should know about the respective abilities of the two pitchers. Hamels is the foremost pitcher by a significant margin. Its not really Alex Tanguay Jersey close.
The appearance of Hamels struggles this year are mainly just noise. His 2009 FIP of three.72 is exactly comparable to his 2008 FIP, as his walk, strikeout, and residential run minute rates are nearly identical. The ERA jumped by on the run per game due to a 55 point rise in his batting average on balls in play. He was a bit lucky this past year and a bit unlucky this David Backes Jersey season. Overall, hes the same guy he was a last year when he led the Phillies to a World Series title and it was being crowned the brand new young ace of the National Erik Johnson Jersey League.
Martinez simply isnt in that league anymore. He did a nice job down the stretch for the Phillies, but even just in a limited sample of nine starts, he wasnt just like Hamels. He pounded the strike zone and mi sed some bats, but his fringe fastball up in the zone resulted in an unbelievably low 29.Five percent ground ball rate. Not surprisingly, he threw in the towel a lot of home runs, that is consistent with his performances over Blues Brad Boyes Jersey the last several years. He throws enough strikes and it has a good enough change-up to work, but hes vulnerable to throwing a few meatballs each game.
To opt with Martinez over Hamels, you need to significantly undervalue the gap in talent and overvalue anything else. Pedro may have a history with old Yankee stadium, and you will should you prefer a guy with his personality around the mound, however that stuff doesnt compensate for the fact that Cole Hamels is a far superior pitcher to Pedro Martinez right now. Mike Scioscia made a similar mistake by choosing Joe Saunders because of non- Andrew Brunette Jersey talent reasons. Its not recommended.
The Yankees have it right throw your very best pitchers as frequently as you po sibly can. Hamels may be the the second best pitcher on the staff. He should start game two. It doesnt have to be any more complicated .

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