Your Billy Hamilton Factoid of the Day

Your Billy Hamilton Factoid of the Day

Your Billy Hamilton Factoid of the Day

Postby angiegraham116 » Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:53 am

Heres a fun little game. Go to the peak of the page and then click leaderboards, then use the Tomas Kopecky Jersey league drop down box to isolate just NL players. Now, click the advanced tab to be able to get to the two aspects of our baserunning metric, wSB (stolen base runs) and UBR (baserunning runs besides SB/CS). Youll see them on the right hand side from the page, between BABIP and wRC.
Now, before you sort by wSB, go to the min PA decrease. Instead of selecting a minimum, you need to set this to zero, since the hero Troy Brouwer Jersey in our story doesnt yet meet the lowest playing time threshold around the decrease box. Now, once youve done that, youll po se s a leaderboard Tony Esposito Jersey composed of 543 names, because the lack of the absolute minimum playing time requirement implies that our net is big and catches everyone who has appeared as a hitter or runner for an NL team this season.
Now that youve done that, click Dustin Byfuglien Jersey wSB to make it sort in descending order. You are now exploring the NL leaders in runs added through base stealing. For those who didnt play along with the instructions, Ill create the table for you personally, just without all the other things on the ED Belfour Jersey advanced tab:
#NamePAwSB1Carlos Gomez5504.12Eric Young5493.53Jean Segura6193.24Hunter Pence6462.95Carlos Gonzalez4362.76Everth Cabrera4352.37Daniel Murphy6512.18Juan Pierre3191.88David Wright4651.88Billy Hamilton91.8Our hero, Billy Hamilton, is tied for 8th in the NL in stolen base runs. He made his major league debut fourteen days ago. He started his first big league game yesterday. He has come to bat just nine times. And hes already tied for 8th within the NL in runs added through base Stan Mikita Jersey stealing. Hes had a very good chance at finishing the growing season in the top five.
Billy Hamilton, man. I dont determine if hes ever likely to Bobby Orr Jersey hit, or how good hell defend center field, but on the base paths, he's something which this sport hasnt observed in several decades. He may not be a star, but hes likely to be probably the most unique players of his time.

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