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For months Wholesale Jerseys , I have appreciated 22 inch micro ring extensions and longed to have them put within my thin hair. I have also taken picture of myself as one of the models and couldn’t wait until I had sufficient money to simply do that.

But the more severe side of me told me to be mindful so I started reading about the issues associated with Tape hair extensions.

The very first question regarding 22 inch micro ring extensions is based on two questions:

Can I get any disease from them?
Can I remove them without an issue?

For the first question, I asked my stylist. The very first thing that she told me was that she was a certified micro ring hair extension stylist and would be happy to remove them if I am not satisfied. Moreover, she ensured me that anything with hair can be reversed as it will always grow back. My concern was what I will do meanwhile.

Thereby, my stylist told me to come into her shop to ask these and other questions. As I had made my mind to put them, I went to the shop and then I was perplexed as the stylist went through my hair. He figured out that I was not a candidate for micro ring extensions. These were the reasons that my stylist gave to me.

My hair is very short. It should be over 4 inches long for the micro hair extensions as my hair was just 3 inches and hence these hair extensions wouldn’t be blended into the other hair also. He suggested me to have my hair at least 5 inches long to apply this method.

Being oily: The stylist said that oily hair doesn’t do well with curly hair extensions. The micro ring hair extensions don’t last for a long period in oily hair as it should be washed more frequently and it simply loses its style faster.

As I was quite upset, I went on for a new look until my hair would grow longer and then had some other ideas for micro ring hair extensions for the oily hair. My stylist gave me some other hints to prepare in a better way for such extensions.

Don’t dye your hair while ordering the micro hair extensions and the time they are put in. Meanwhile Cheap College Jerseys China Free Shipping , you should dye your hair as the roots growing in a different color take a strand of the ordered extensions to match the color precisely.

Order extensions as it is obvious that you will lose some strands. In case you order extra, the stylist may replace the damaged ones.

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